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About Us

About the Restaurant

ヴェヌス サウス インデイアン ダイニング は、錦糸町にある南インドの専門のレストランです。

2015年にシェフ ゴパラクルシャナン ベヌゴパル によって設立されました。このレストランの名前は、創設者自身の ベヌゴパル 氏に由来しています。ベヌゴパル 氏は非常に若い年齢で母親から料理を学び、料理の分野で約35年の経験があります。インドのいくつかの五つ星ホテルで働き、さまざまな料理を学んだ後、彼はアジャンタ東京のシェフとして日本に引っ越しました。アジャンタ東京でシェフとして数年働いた後、東銀座のダルマサガラに移住。シェフのダルマサガラでの勤務中、彼はメニューに南インド料理を紹介し、すぐに彼の料理は大人気となりました。彼は2016年に発表されたラボインディアによる南インド料理の伝説の称号を受賞しました。このレストランでは北インド料理も提供しているので、1つの屋根の下で両方の料理を楽しむことができます。

What Clients Say

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Had a really authentic Indian curry
Ask if you're not good at spicy one, they'll show you mild ones
Cheese naan was the best choice to enjoy dishes
The best cheese naan I've ever had in my life
Highly recommended

H. J. I.

I heard a lot from one of my friend but never got chance to be there. Finally I got chance to have lunch at "Venus South Indian Dining". Food and service was really good. During lunch time there is buffet just for 1000¥ which is cheap I think. I would recommend you to go there to enjoy authentic South Indian Food.

Vikasdeep Singh

Amazing food and service! Everything from the samosas to the curry had that flavor kick that is lacking in a lot of the other Indian restaurants I've visited. Our waitress kindly let us order things that weren't even listed on the menu and we left very full and happy.

ChunMi Araki

Service is quite great as well. Although the staff can speak Japanese, English, and Tamil, they have the right level of Interaction with their guests. Not too much, not too less. This is one of my favorite restaurants in Tokyo!

Monik H

We recently arranged a buffet with Japanese clients. The food was awesome. Authentic south Indian taste. The staff is courteous and friendly. People here speak tamil. Offer great customer service. Good for buffet and can accommodate up to 25 people easily. The restaurant was closed to offer us buffet. That was great!!

Soundarrajan K

A southern Indian restaurant, close to Kinshicho station.

How the chef uses the spices are marvelous.
Not only hot, but the elegant aroma spreads out.